Pre-Order Terms

1. You pre-order designs that are not currently in stock, but are available to purchase in advance. As we are producing these designs for you in the size and color of your choice, we charge you in advance. Pre-ordered items ship as they arrive in our warehouse.

2. Delivery times for pre-ordered items can vary from  4-6 weeks. Please carefully check delivery estimates for pre-ordered items before placing your pre-order. 

3. We are doing our best to guarantee uninterrupted service, but production and shipping can be subject to external factors that are outside of our control. You will be fully refunded if we are unable to fulfill our promise. 

4. Please note that if you purchase any additional designs with your pre-order, in case the wait time is less than 14 working days, we will choose to wait to ship your entire order after your pre-ordered items have been produced.  This way we  limit our shipping emissions. 

5. Pre-ordered items are eligible for return within 14 days of receiving them.  For more information check our return policy.